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About Us




UBCO’s core values
Since 1984, UBCO’s core values have been the customer service, quality and reliability as well as design and technology. All of these values have been the main factors for our continued success. Also, our dedication to customer service is considered as the most important value for UBCO.
We continue to work together to provide global and local support so that our customers have the competitive edge.


UBCO’s leading role
UBCO’s headquarter is located in Istanbul, but in recent years, we have expanded our work scope and activities in order to provide the maximum possible geographical spread of customer service and support. In fact, the need for induction and automated techniques which UBCO offers, has played the key role in this scope and in UBCO’s growth and as a result UBCO has gained a world classification in this industry. We, UBCO, and because of the advanced technology and innovation we have, we will continue to maintain our leading role in induction, industrial automation and metal- treatment machines.


UBCO’s future
UBCO has been for decades a pioneer in industrial inventions, and as a result, it has become one of the main contributors to the foundry industries. Besides, we dedicate our best for the development and expansion in both quality and quantity. to make techniques, which were merely a talk in the past, an industrial fact that saves money, time and effort. You will be inspired by how far UBCO has reached compared to the work timescale. We, UBCO, strongly believe in the necessity of continuous development and providing and taking advantage of all our capacities and skills to guarantee going on in making great achievements in the future.

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