• Koza Mah. 1655. Sok. AkbatıResidance Sit. Yeşil Blok(C Blok) Apt. No: 6 C / 48 Esenyurt / İSTANBUL/Turkey


Network protections and high-speed input fuses for maximum system protection

  • High-speed protective fuses on the transformer output for system protection
  • High-speed semi-conductor protection clas fuses on the converter input
  • Thermic magnetic switch against current overload
  • Standard Input Over Current Protection Circuits
  • Standard Input Over Voltage Protection Circuits

Easier to use through next generation operator panels and Reporting System
Specially designed for easier to use of operator, distinctly visible under foundry
conditions, bright, digital and analog displays, operator panel and keypad. All
necessary displays on panel such as temperature, pressure, kilowatt meter, earth
leakage, volt meter, frequency…

  • Getting status reports easily by record keeping facility on internal memory integrated PLC and SCADA systems
  • If required daily, weekly or monthly period reports can be printed out
  • SMS status and warining messages transmission

Capacitor Bank and Transfer Switch
Long life power capacitors through professional capacitor protection measures;

  • Long life with installation of earthen full insulation
  • Analog temperature sensor on each capacitor
  • Pressure sensor on each capacitor
  • Total Capacitor Pressure Data
  • Total Capacitor Temperature Data
  • Easy assembly and maintenance

A class, water cooled energy cables

  • Made from high purity cooper conductor, stranded, multicore energy cable
  • Free water tranition, internal cooling water channel
  • Mounting and maintenance facility with easy demountable connections
  • High insulation class ≥5000VAC
  • A class carbon free insulating hose
  • Steady-state operation through high pressure cooling water
  • Excellent sealing under high pressure with double or triple stainless steel clamps connecters on both terminal points

Primary Or Secondary Insulation Solutions

Single Control Board managing Overall System

Single Digital Control Board, improved by current and new technologies, has a design providing high safety and efficiency conditions.

  • All adjustments are loaded beforehand and necessary adjustments can be done through computer if required
  • No need for special setup in future or during commissioning

High efficiency coil conductor

Early Warning Detecting System

  • Controls the level of Earth Leakage
  • Gives idea about lining getting thinner
  • Adjustable sensitibities
  • System can stop automatically by PLC when liquid metal approaches the coil
  • Approach of metal to coil is precented with thickness of lining and coil surface continuously controlled by electromagnetic control system

Full safety for all systems : Oeration temperature of all components pf sustem, especially thyristor and capacitors is not more than max. 60°C. Thus, defects caussed by high temperature are prevented and total system quality is increased.

International standard spare parts:

  • Electronic components can be supplied by readily available global producers
  • Manufacturers, brands and product codes of all power electronic components are international standard
  • UBCO products don’t include hidden brands and international codes data of power electronic components such as power thyristors, capacitors, resistors etc

Closed Circuit Water Cooling System

  • Closed circuit deionized pure water cools converter, capacitors, thyristors, busbars, reactors etc
  • There is a pressure and sensitive temperature control on all lines
  • PLC wans operator in case of a problem in the cooling system and provides necessary treatment facility
  • Demineralized water conductivity control constantly and warning operator
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