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 IGBT Controlled  Melting  Holding Systems

Improved for foundries whose target is to have high capacity casting. It takes less place and more economic than other systems. The diffrence from other standard melting systems is to have capability to choose required power and holding capacity.

While a furnace is working with full power, the other is either working with full power or just holding
Its usage is very simple. With only a single touch one of the furnaces enters the melting mode and the other enters waiting or holding hot mode.
There is a twin power unit technology in single converter panel independent operation ability.

During a power cut holding converter holds molten metal in furnace hot with a suitable generator.
In case of a problem at one of the lines, thanks to the opportunity of joining by two different energy lines, the other system continues its operation.

• Modern design
• Easy to use
• Low cost
• Standard PLC – Siemens
•Standard operator panel
• Siemens touch screen
• Energy analyzer integrated on system
• All power unit in the single converter panel
• Probless Automatic sintering system
• Remote watching by internal modem troubleshooting
advanced melt and hold

600kW+150kW 2x1000KG  Melting and Holding System-UBCO PMI-4 1250kW+250kW 2x2000KG IGBT Melting and Holding System

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