• Koza Mah. 1655. Sok. AkbatıResidance Sit. Yeşil Blok(C Blok) Apt. No: 6 C / 48 Esenyurt / İSTANBUL/Turkey

IGBT Controlled Power Sharing Melting Systems

It provides melting on both furnaces at the same time or while one furnace works at full power, the other furnace works with process power to proceed on molten metal inside, by sharing power between 0% and 100% ranges on high efficiency with independent power outlets working with single operating system.


Modern Foundry Equipped Technology – Konya / Turkey 1600kW 2000+3000KG IGBT Shared Melt&Hold System


It can provide economic energy feeding at the same time from single or dual energy line with dual working oppurtunity.

High safety with independent of ech other full controlled input redresser on IGBT power modules

%100 More production possibility with just increase in transformer power with independent redressers integrated to modules suitable increase in capacity for future projects.

Easy use with user friendly operating system and touch screen PLC interface

While one furnace works at full power, following possibilities at the same time with other one;

  • Keep hot with holding
  • Preparation alloy
  • Probless automatic sintering
  • Scrap pre heating
  • Furnace heating
  • Alloyed casting at high temperature
  • Operation with %30 higher capacity by comparison with normal systems

Gebze / Turkey 2500kW 5000KG IGBT Controlled Melting System

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