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  UBCO PMI Series IGBT Modular Power Converter Technology


IGBT Expendible Modular Technology up to 5000kW

 IGBT MultiFlex – Multiple Power Adjustment Systems

IGBT Controlled Melting Systems Provide Advantage Via Superior Technology

By following technological advances, systems are equipped with current technologies.


UBCO R&D engineers follow every development in literature on new electronic materials and semi-conductors to enhance our excellent electronic control technology. The suitable products and methods are adapted to our systems after necessary tests and experiments.


Full safety for all systems; The operation temperature of all components in the system, especially thyristors and capacitors can not exceed 60º C. By this way, the defects originating from high temperature are prevented. This provides a significant increase in the quality of the whole system.


Parallel resonance system; The current passing through the thyristors in the parallel resonance power unit is lower than the serial resonance circuit. The current passing through the serial resonance circuit is five times higher than the parallel resonance circuit. Therefore, the spare parts of the parallel resonance circuit are more economical than the serial resonance circuit.

Special advantages

Ø No compensation panel
Ø Better than cos Ø ≥ %98 at low power
Ø Better than cos Ø ≥ %99 at full power
Ø Energy efficiency with high power factor
Ø Warning with short text (SMS) feature
Ø Full automatic heat control with Optic sensors
Ø Industrial energy analysis otomation


Melting process controller at fixed setting automatically gives full power. By this way the melting time and therefore melting energy costs of the furnace are reduced without any additional measure to low levels with UBCO (bigger then cosØ  0,98). There is no need for external compensation.

More safety and controlled operation with UBCO; 

All systems have following standardswith advanced technology and mechanic

design on produced converters;

  • Easy use and troubleshooting with Siemens/UBCO,
  • Just single UBCO Control Board for the whole system
  • %100 over voltage protection,
  • Ultra safety with both primary and secondary insulation
  • Over current and phase protection,
  • Strong and quality diod and thyristors
  • Thick and effective, air cooled power bars,
  • Automatic full power for high efficiency,
  • Over voltage protection on thyristors and capacitors
  • Earth Leakage Protection.

If maintenance and service is required, you can treat to any parts easily by yourself with specific UBCO design. During treatment you do not need to mount, demount or replace another parts. You can have more time for production and savings with short service and maintenance and also easy treatment directly to part which you want.

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